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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for a Full-time Traveler

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Congrats! You’ve found an insightful article that lays out a list of useful, albeit a little less romantic, gifts to give the nomad in your life on Valentine’s Day. Want a truly valuable and unique gift? Pick up a copy of our 10-Step Guide to Full-Time Travel and help your vagabond Valentine live their best life in 2022.

1. Kindle -Cozying up with a good book on a cold February evening is hard to beat. Having access to hundreds of great books in one small, simple device makes reading on the road that much easier.

2. Insulated mug that actually fits in your car's cup holder and/or a collapsible travel mug- Whether they’re distracted by work and constantly let their hot cup of coffee go cold, or are on the move and space is a premium, these two mugs will show your Valentine just how thoughtful you truly are

3. Travel Yoga Mat- Never once have you seen your Love do yoga but you can never find your yoga mat? That’s because they’re too busy sleeping out beneath the stars atop it. Grab one of these ultra slim mats and know you’re covered no mat-ter what.

4. Tile- Lose your spouse no more! Sorry, did I say spouse? Lose your spouse’s stuff no more! Tile’s been around for a while, but the premise holds true. Stuff gets lost. Find it faster.

5. Travel Pillow- Does your Valentine fly a ton? Chances are they’re aching to be more comfortable when they’re 38,000 feet high. Sooth their sore neck with one of these malleable stuffed sausages.

6. Cell Phone Sanitizer- C’mon, I know you’ve watched him pick it, flick it and swipe it. That’s one gross phone. Help the nasty nomad and get him a cell phone sanitizer.

7. Shampoo Bars- Underwear full of shampoo from a leaky bottle again? Not no more! Keep your Valentine’s drawers clean this holiday and give them the gift of bar.

8. External Battery Charger- “How is it that every wall in this airport has an outlet except for the one I’m leaning against?!” Save your Love the heartache of a dead phone and surprise them with this little gadget. Now they won’t have an excuse to not call.

9. Anywhere Travel Guide- Wanna plan a super romantic getaway with your honeysweetheartpoopoohead? Of course! But where too? Pick up this nifty little card set and make a date out of picking your next big adventure together. The novelty of the spontaneous is half the fun!

10. Electronic Organizer-Full-time travelers move A LOT. Help them out by hooking them up with a contraption that takes the fuss out of organization.

11. Cozy Blanket- Sugar, it’s chilly out there! Keep your vagabond Valentine warm this February with a snuggly cover

12. Peloton App-Your Valentine doesn’t need a fancy work out bike or bulky treadmill to take advantage of all the glory Pelaton has to offer. They’ve got loads of workouts designed to be taken outdoors on a run, or simple bodyweight exercises with no gym (or weights) necessary.

13. Annual U.S. Park Pass-With over 400 national park sites, this is the type of gift that covers a lot of ground. If your Love uses this pass just three times in one year, the annual pass was worth the buy.

14. Multitool or an All-in-one plier tool-It never fails that when you need a screw driver, all you’ve got is a rusty ol’ dime. Be sweet to your True Love this year and get the Traveler what they really need, a gosh darn multitool!

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