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Finding your next barber

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

If there’s one downside to being a full-time traveler, it’s that every few months you’re charged with the task of finding your next barber. I prefer to keep my hair short, and a square head coupled with ears pinned close, only takes about a half-inch of hair growth before I start to look a little shaggy. Yes, you can save a buck and purchase a $25 pair of Wahl clippers and give yourself a buzz cut every few weeks. But the truth of the matter is, this technique is terrible for your scalp and you’re certainly damaging your hair follicles. As you age, those cheap buzz cuts stunt hair growth, expedites hair loss and it gets harder and harder to clean up your bathroom post buzz. If you’re financially ready to bid your clippers ado and say hello to a real barber, read on for more tips on tracking down your next Mr. Moler.

Begin where all great adventures start, on your couch looking at your phone. Do a quick internet search “best barbers near me” and/or “best barbers (insert name of town you are closest to). In Google, the three top rated barbers should pop up. Scroll down just a wee bit further and select the show all button. A handy map will open populated with all the barber shops that have an online presence. Because I don’t like to spend my time driving my car to run errands, I start with the barber shops closest to where I’m staying.

I try to stay away from franchised barber shops. I’ve learned through experience that the nice folks running these places of business don’t seem to take ownership in their work. Who’d blame them? They’ve probably never met their boss’s boss. Nothing says “We care about you” more than not taking the time to meet your employees. And I’m sure they’re underpaid. These are also some of the beginner level jobs for folks just getting out of barber school.

Next up, I prioritize how many reviews they’ve earned and they’re average ratings. Caution, these ratings can be skewed if the barber is pressuring his clients to leave a high rating and give a good review. That’s why the next step separates the folks who choose the right barber the first time and those who try two or three barbers before finding the best barber in town. And if you’re traveling full-time, you may only get two or three haircuts before your next move.

Go to their website and look at their credentials. To legally cut hair in most states you are required to have obtained a Barber License. That indicates the person who is cutting your hair has had two to three years of professional education. Most certification programs require a portion of the curriculum to include on-the-job training as well. Look for folks who have been working for five or more years and have consistently been employed. The business’s website will usually feature their barbers and give a brief profile of their career. If you’re not satisfied with the information there, check Facebook to see if they have any professional credentials advertised that may not be listed under their business’s website. Also check on LinkedIn and Instagram. Many barbers now post their handy-work on more than one social media outlet.

Wanna go old school? Find the barber shop’s phone number and give them a call. Honesty is always the best policy when inquiring about someone’s hair cutting credentials. Explain that you’re a full-time traveler and looking for somebody who’s been cutting hair for a while. Tell them you whittled out most of the other competition and are just wrapping up your due diligence. Don’t tie up their phone line with tons of questions though. That’s a good way to get on any small business owner’s nerves.

One of the surest ways of finding a good barber on the first try is to ask a person with a great haircut, who cut their hair. Nine out of ten times they are happy you noticed and

grateful for a kind compliment and provide you the information. That tenth time, I don’t know, maybe they’re just hangry.

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