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Riding All Terrain in Grand Valley OHV Recreation Area Grand Junction, CO

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

One Saturday morning in mid-September I went dirt bike riding in the Grand Valley OHV Recreation Area. This massive swath of land offers hundreds of miles of riding trails crisscrossing between the Book Cliff Mountains and Grand Junction. With more than 500,000 acres of rolling hills and deep valleys, one could spend more than a handful of days and still find new trails to ride.

I opted to start my ride early because the arid region tends to get quite warm by mid-day. By 1pm I had called it quits as the sun was unrelenting and the area doesn’t provide any natural vegetation for shade. Because we travel full-time and don’t bring our own toys, I rented a 300cc two-stroke dirt bike from the awesome folks at Adrenaline Driven Adventures. They’re located just a 10 minute drive from 27 ¼ Road’s parking lot. When you turn onto 27 ¼ road from H street, the parking lot is 3.2 miles on your right.

I consider myself a novice to intermediate rider and this place offered plenty of challenging terrain for riding. I saw several folks overnighting with their RVs (I’m assuming for free as this is a Bureau of Land Management area) and many families were out riding together. Because of the area’s sheer size there aren’t any signs dictating direction of travel when riding. Be careful not to run into anyone around the innumerable blind corners. Steep drop-offs are also a real hazard so constant vigilance could quite literally save your life when riding here.

Be sure to pack a lot of water and electrolytes along with a snack in a backpack you can carry as you ride. Getting lost out there is possible. However, a powerline runs parallel with the mountains and will cross over perpendicular gravel roads heading towards Grand Junction Proper in case you do get lost. I carried my mobile phone with me during the ride but cell phone service came and went so shouldn't be relied upon. Sometimes I could get an accurate location of where I was on Google maps. If you’ve got a hand-held GPS, it might be a good idea to bring it along.

If you’re like me and don’t have your own ride, consider renting from Adrenaline Driven Adventures. They offer ATVs, dirt bikes, and four-wheelers that they can deliver to the OHV Recreation Area for you, along with renting all the necessary riding gear. They’ll even you shuttle out there if you don’t think your car is up for the gravel road portion of the commute. Want to ride all day, they’ve got you covered. I opted for their 5-hour rental period. After just 4 hours of non-stop playing, I had got my fill.

If you’re ever on the western slope in Colorado and enjoy riding in the great wide open, be sure to give this place a try. This is, hands down, the prettiest place I’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing.

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