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Peaks Island, Portland Maine

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Peaks Island is one of those islands in Casco Bay that's easy to explore and makes for a rewarding and affordable day trip from Old Port, Portland. Price your ticket for peaks island using You can purchase your ticket at the ferry terminal but plan your arrival time based on the ferry departure schedule, which are also found on their website.

The trip length from Old Port to Peaks Island only takes about a half hour. Once docked, turn left on Island Avenue and pick up a sandwich or two and any libations you may have a thirst for prior to setting out on this very walkable island. Heading north on Island Avenue, pick up Centennial Street Rear and take in the view of Diamond Island pass while you sip on coffee ordered from Peaks Café. Backtrack to Island Avenue and walk it until it dead ends at Evergreen Landing and crack open a cold one while enjoying views of Pumpkin Knob and Hussey Sound. Cutover on Brook Lane and turn right onto Woods Road until it turns into Pleasant Avenue. Turn left onto Trefethen Avenue, then right onto Seashore Avenue and making slight left to stay on Seashore. Enjoy the coastal view that Seashore Avenue has to offer as you make this almost two mile long, lightly traveled road.

Stop often to take in the crushing beauty of the boulder beaches of Wharf Cove and the Atlantic Ocean. I managed to spend an entire afternoon along Seashore Avenue, simply basking in the lovely warmth of sunshine and listening to the crashing waves off the coast. Seashore Avenue eventually turns into Whitehead Street and then a left onto New Island Avenue will bring you back to the ferry terminal. All in all, you can expect to walk about five miles on this day trip. There are several public benches along Seashore Avenue where you can rest your legs and take in the oceanic splendor.

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