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Experience New Orleans in a Day

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As we moved from our cute, lake front cottage in Tow Texas up to Maryland, we decided to take the more scenic route by first driving east to New Orleans. We only had a single evening and early morning to spend and we’ll share with you how we made the most of a little time.

Having arrived at our Airbnb on the corner of Magazine and Upperline Street, we walked to an early dinner at the no frills restaurant Frankie and Johnny’s (321 Arabella St). With crawfish on the menu we ordered a big ol’ plate and got busy! We also tried their fried catfish hoagie and crispy fries. It was a cheap meal but classic Cajun and tasted just right.

Continuing our jaunt through West Riverside, we arrived at the Audubon Park and took in the grandeur of The Tree of Life. This massive oak is cloaked in mystical austerity as it’s outstretched curved branches and gnarly trunk make it a sight of imaginative wonder.

Another 5 minute walk south took us right into the Carrollton-Audubon Batture Fields, overlooking the mighty Mississippi River.

Waking up early the next morning we walked to La Boulangerie, a bright French bakery, where we loaded up on lattes and fresh pastries that we enjoyed as we rode the historic St. Charles Avenue Line street car. Taking in the impressive views of stately southern mansions was certainly my favorite part of the trip. These Victorian and colonial style behemoths set the imagination to work, pondering all of the high-brow socialite parties of by gone eras.

Departing the clickety-clackety streetcar onto Canal street, we made our way south to the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square before indulging in yet more French breakfast novelties…the Café’ Du Monde beignet and coffee special.

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