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Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Maine

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

One clear blue-sky Saturday in August, we hiked Acadia National Park’s Cadillac South Ridge Trail. This 7-mile hike takes you up and back down Cadillac Mountain. The 1,500 foot climb is packed with stunning views of mountain meets ocean meets evergreen tree islands. Nothing else like it on the east coast. We passed many happy hikers along the trail. As a heads up, there are multiple places along the hike where you’ll have to rock scramble. Another option for climbing Cadillac Mountain would be to hike Cadillac West Face Trail. Still another option to hike would be Sargent Peak, albeit that’s a different mountain.

Following the stunning hike, we headed back to our hotel for a quick shower and then hit Bar Harbor for a bite. First stop, Galyn’s (try the clam chowder and mussels), then The Barnacle for a dozen oysters on the half-shell. Next it was onto Sherman’s Book shop for a pack of cat inspired playing cards followed by an ice cream cone. Watching boats go by in the company of other families in Agamont Park, and taking in the splendid Porcupine Islands was the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

The next day we drove the winding roads past Southwest Harbor to Bass Harbor Head Light Station. I think the next time we opt to explore Acadia, we’ll try to spend the night in Southwest Harbor. On the way, stop in at Colonel's Delicatessen for a blueberry donut in Northeast Harbor and grab a cheeseburger at The Nor'Easter Pound & Market for harbor views from their large deck outback. For the iconic view of the Bass Harbor Head Light Station, go left when standing in the parking lot, facing the ocean to descend a wooden staircase. If you head right, you’ll descend a paved driveway that also takes you to the light house, just with a less stellar view. However, there is an information plaque down that way.

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